Beneteau 49, (Model Years 2007-2010) an exceptional yacht that marks a new level in the history of Beneteau blue water cruisers, intended for discerning owners expecting the best from the largest yacht builder in the world.
When designing the hull Berret-Racoupeau laid particular importance to initial stability, efficient appendages, a manageable rig, upwind and downwind performance, at sea ability, and a balanced helm. Her sea trials in Europe have proven that they hit the mark, with rave reviews already in from the international press.
Loa                  49’7
Lwl                   43’8
Beam               14’9
Draft                5’9 / 7’
Disp                 27,915 lbs
Ballast             9,480 / 8,270 lbs
Mast                63’6
Engine             76 / 110hp
CE                    A
Disp/L              156.2
SA/Disp                        16.5
Hull speed       9.2knots
The Beneteau 49 also known as the Beneteau Oceanis 49 outside of North America had three mast options, furling, classic mast and tall mast.

Mast I J P E Height over DWL
Furling 55’9 18’5 50’4 18’4 63’5
Classic 55’9 18’5 51’8 18’4 64’9
Tall 55’9 18’5 54’2 22’2 66’3

*Tall Mast Option gooseneck is 7.87″ lower than the Classic
Beneteau 49: A Stylish New Flagship
Blending comfort with a touch of superyacht styling, Beneteau introduces a new line of sleek cruisers. “Review” from our March 2007 issue
by Andrew Burton
Chic and comfortable, the Beneteau 49 begs for couples to go cruising.
The moment I set foot on the teak-decked swim platform of the Beneteau 49, I started to notice the nice touches. Like the insert, with its latching door, that’s set in the transom and designed to hold a life raft. Remove the insert, and a generator can be installed. The athwartships seat across the back of the cockpit also has an insert, and it neatly folds up, down, and out of the way to provide access between the twin wheels. The large centerline cockpit table is built-in with fold-up wings. On its aft end is a chart-plotter pod that swivels to afford the helmsman a good view on either tack. The cockpit seats are long, with coamings high enough to lean on comfortably though not too high to make getting forward difficult. Nice corners fore and aft will be good to be wedged into in a seaway, and squared ends will make good backrests for stretching out in calmer conditions.

Beneteau 49 by George Day Blue Water Sailing
October 2006
The Beneteau 49 Stirs an Instant “WOW!”
New styling and enhanced systems make this new 49-footer a production trendsetter
In July we flew to Toronto, Canada, to join Beneteau USA’s president Wayne Burdick on the maiden voyage (in North America) of the new Beneteau 49. In all of the years we have been sailing boats for in-depth reviews, this was the first instance when we got to sail a boat during its initial magnifying-glass inspection by its builder.

Beneteau 49 Wins Boat of the Year “Best Full Size Production Cruiser”
“Offers comforts dreamed of by cruising families and couples.*”
The Beneteau 49 was awarded Boat of the Year by Cruising World Magazine for Best Full Size Production Cruiser. Cruising World magazine announced* the best in boatbuilding for 2007 with its 14th annual Boat of the Year Awards on December 11th. The results will be featured in Cruising World’s January 2007 issue.
In October, the judges nominated 26 boats in six categories: small production cruisers, midsize cruisers, multihulls, full-size production cruisers, full-size cruisers and a special-purpose category called, “Nothing  like it.” The judges included Stacey Collins, a lifelong cruiser who served as a consumer representative; Ed Sherman, a systems expert and curriculum developer for the ABYC; Alvah Simon who looked at safety issues and how the boat’s gear was laid out; and Peter Wormwood, a sailboat designer, manufacturer and multihull racer. The judges toured the boats at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, and sailed them on Chesapeake Bay over four days.
In the category of Full Size Production cruisers, the competition included the Bavaria 46, Hunter 45CC, Moorings 51.5, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49 Performance and the Beneteau 49.
As the judges worked their way through this category, their focus began to settle on two models, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49 Performance and the Beneteau 49. It was the interior of the Beneteau 49 thatsealed it with the BOTY judges in this category. “A well-organized topside combined with straight lines, lots of ports, and light colors below make this boat standout.”

“First and foremost, these boats are sailers, so on the water, sailing characteristics came to the forefront. But they are also meant to be aquatic hideaways for their owners, so dockside charm also factored into a lengthy deliberation. The Beneteau 49 offered lots of creature comforts to a cruising family or couple, making it the Best Full-Size Production Cruiser for 2007.”

Christofle Asia Boating Awards 2007
Beneteau 49 received the ‘Best Sailing Yacht (Under 100ft)’ Award
Simpson Marine Collects Best Service Award Again 
At the Christofle Asia Boating Awards 2007, the Beneteau 49 collected the ‘Best Sailing Yacht (Under 100ft)’ Award.

The Beneteau 49 (15m), a latest generation fast cruising yacht from the Beneteau Series has become immensely popular with over 100 yachts sold since its launch at the Paris Boat Show 2005 and over 80 from the United States.

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