• As simple as a great idea, this Finot-Conq plan managed to take inspiration from current fashions to evolve – First 211 in 1998, First 21.7 in 2004 and First 21.7 in 2007 – and to have an outstanding career, unique in the history of sailing yachts.  Small in size but colossal in its unanimously acclaimed qualities, 20 years on, this yacht continues to be the pride and joy of its owners. Nearly 3,000 boats now sail the seas the world over and the owners’ associations display incredible vitality. The timeless design of this small boat, a benchmark in its category, succeeded in attracting both keen young sailors thinking about their first buy and the over seventies far from having said their last word at sea!


  • The Beneteau First range matches all the ambitions and all the budgets of keen ocean racers. Today it includes six models ranging from 20 to 45 feet: First Twenty – First 25 S – First 30 – First 35 – First 40 and First 45.