Andi Robertson heads for Marseille, where the flagship Beneteau Oceanis 54 delivers in all departments and earns a place in the racing editor’s affections.

ONE MAN’s dream is another man’s reality. For most though, the grim reality is that there is seemingly no escape from the financial woes of the world, but what better way to insulate yourself than to sail off to sunny, pleasant places in a large and comfortable boat.
Real recession proofing is sitting at a quiet anchorage worrying if you have enough ice in the freezer, safe in the knowledge that, for all that has gone on in the last 20 years or so, a boat still represents a good long term investment.
It may not make you money, but you will have a great deal more fun. It is the passport to real contentment, more so than if your hard earned cash pile is accumulating not very much in the bank.
The Beneteau Oceanis 54 is the new flagship of the range, launched in the UK at the Southampton Boat Show. It is a good looking, well proportioned boat, but what it really does is make that dream a little bit more tenable.   READ REVIEW

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