Cruising World: written by  Mark Pillsbury
First unveiled at last fall’s U.S. Sailboat Show, the Sense line and its optional break-through steering system became the talk of the dock. Boat review from our August 2011 issue.

Cruising World
Billy Black (Stanton & Michael were sailing the S43 for this picture)

Want to create some buzz at a boat show? Show up with a very sleek 50-footer, park it in a very tight, very conspicuous place, then spin it around on a dime every couple of hours to the crowd’s cheers and applause. That’s just what French boatbuilder Beneteau did in introducing its new Sense 50 to North America during last fall’s U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland (see our complete gallery here).
Wayne Burdick, the president of Beneteau USA, described the new design as “revolutionary,” and I’d agree.  READ ARTICLE