Catalina Yachts’ chief designer, Gerry Douglas, introduced the Catalina 310 in 1999 and well over 300 hulls were built through 2008 when the design was discontinued.  Unapologetically optimized for a couple, the 310 was a departure from other brands of this size as it didn’t make any promises it couldn’t keep – it’s a very functional boat for two.The construction of the 310 mirrored its predecessor, the 32.  The hull is solid fiberglass, the deck is cored with plywood and the cabintop with end-grain balsa.  A grid-and-beam system and a liner were then installed.  The boat has a deep fin keel and draws 5’ 9”.  A shoal wing keel was an option and saved almost two feet below the waterline but for better pointing ability the boat does well with a deep keel despite its 11’ 6” beam.  A large spade rudder keeps her very maneuverable in tight spaces.


Catalina 310 International Association

Catalina 310 Review

: Big Boat in a Small Hull
The Catalina 310 packs the amenities of a 40-footer into a 31′ hull.
It doesn’t seem so long ago that a 30-foot sailboat made for a fairly cramped existence. A couple of settees on each side, an eensy little galley, an enclosed head that made a phone booth seem capacious, plus the ubiquitous and foot-tangling V-berth forward.
The Catalina 310 makes all that seem far, far away.
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2004 Cataliana 310 Hull #282
Amenities, Sailing ability, price and quality. I recently traded in my Cal 2-25 that I really loved after 2 foot itis at the Dallas Winter Boat Show in 2004 got the best of my wife and I. If you are looking for a boat that has a large cockpit, airy and roomy salon, easy sail handling and great performance-the 310 is a very good choice.SAILING ABILITY: Even though I have been sailing for almost 10 years I still feel I have much to learn. I started sailing with a friend on his Alberg 30. My first boat was a Spirit 6.5, then the Cal 2-25 and now the Catalina 310. The 310 sails very well for a cruser type sail boat. In light winds its not uncommon for us to go out with winds of 10 knots or less-I’ll unfurl the 150 Genoa and leave the main down and still sail along at 2 to 3 knots. In heavy air she seems rock solid because I opted for the Fin keel (6.3 ft draft) and the wide beam. If I keep the sails trimmed properly I can keep full sail up (sometimes rolling in the 150 a turn or two) in winds up to 20 knots. Over 20 I reef the main and the genoa and sail along just fine. The 310 is not a racer but will hold her own in local “Beer Can” regattas. (I actually took third place in Dallas Race Week 2004 in Main and Jib).




Catalina 310 Review

Catalina’s new 310 is just the thing for salty couples. David Lockwood reveals the secrets of this star-spangled super sloop
Spring had sprung and unleashed the promise of great sailing on Sydney. Daubed in last summer’s sunscreen, wearing a cap which hadn’t seen the light of day since late May, we followed our lily-white legs down the pontoon to the expectant new yacht.
We cast the lines free and motored eagerly for Middle Harbour. Somewhere east of Grotto Point, we unfurled the sails as the breeze filled in, cut the engine and watched as the creases crackled out of the virgin cloth.
Catalina’s new 310 edged upwind with surprising alacrity. In fact, we could have kept going and cruised all the way to Pittwater or down to Port Hacking, lobbed at Store Beach for a long lunch, or pulled into Watson’s Bay for those legendary flathead fillets and chips. But instead, we sailed. We beat into the brisk wind, reached across the sea breeze and ran with the ripples back to Grotto Point.


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