Let me tell you about Murray Yacht Sales and Skip Barker. My wife and I came to Florida in search of a sailboat to continue our nomadic lifestyle of travel. After contacting numerous listings, and more importantly brokers we were beginning to get frustrated because it seemed they didn’t want to deal with clients at our price point. We contacted Skip via email because we saw a sailboat at the St Pete Marina with their sign on it. After a little confusion based on our state of origin Skip reached out and agreed the next day. Mind you we went to look at one boat and decide, but Skip being a superstar helped us understand things better. Even though our budget was not huge he sat down and helped us really figure out what we were looking for in a sailboat. Guess what we really didn’t know until today when he walked us through many different boats with different characteristics. By the end of our visit, we both knew what we wanted in a sailboat. Nothing is more important to me than customer service and Skip is exactly what a new sailor needs when deciding what’s important to you in a boat. I highly recommend Skip and Murray Yachts. Thank you Skip and Murray Yachts we will see you soon!!