Group Beneteau largest and most successful sailboat builder in the world. Beneteau monohull sailboats are the most popular choice amongst sailors, leading as the #1 builder of 30 foot plus sailing craft in all of North America.

A few of the latest technologies employed at Beneteau America to provide the finest boats at the best value include: CNC automated woodworking machinery, 6S Lean Manufacturing disciplines and Injected deck construction.

Murray Yacht Sales has comprised articles from over the years on How & Why Beneteau Builds A Better Boat.

Murray Yacht Sales has been a Gulf Coast Beneteau Dealer since 1993 and is looking forward to sharing the advantages of Beneteau and the Murray Yacht Sales Team.  


For more than a century now, Beneteau has been building boats. Sailing trawlers first – as strong as the sailors who sailed them. Fishing boats that put to sea whatever the weather because they had to, because the shipping forecast did not yet exist and the fishing could not wait. Boats built to last, just like Beneteau boats today.

Beneteau has held its course: the passion for the Sea and Sailing, which inspired its beginnings, is still the driving force behind a staff of over 1500 committed sailors.

In such a company, innovation is held in high regard. It is innovation that drives the whole Beneteau network across 28 countries and accounts for Beneteau’s presence at the most prestigious races.

For its part the Sea remains the same – ever-changing.

Annette Roux




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