(Lymington, England)- Andrew Hurst, Editor of SEAHORSE, wanted to know more about how the J/Boats Design Team identifies target markets, brain-storms the creation of the design and develops the ultimate sailing boat for a given marketplace.  With the imminent launch of the new J/111 in June, Andrew wanted SEAHORSE readers to have a better understanding of that development process and focused on those critical factors that define the character of the boat– the optimization and trade-offs inherent in any design with regards to hull shapes, keel and rudder design, rig configuration, choices for deck layouts and the use of modern technology and materials that enable J/Boats to build a modern high-performance sailboat for better price/ performance.   Read more about the SEAHORSE J/111 article here. Learn more about sailing the J/111 One-Design here.   Please visit SEAHORSE for more international sailing news