Posted by Darrell Nicholson at 05:16PM –

August 19, 2013


There is really nothing you can do to dissuade Thor if he takes a liking to your masthead, but you can take steps to minimize the damage.

About this time of year, when lightning strikes become frequent occurrences, we receive a good deal of mail asking about static dissipators such as the Lightning Master. These are the downside-up, wire-brush-like devices you see sprouting from antennas and rooftops in cities and towns, and more frequently, on sailboat masts. When these devices first appeared on the market, we did a fair amount of research to find out whether they realistically could be expected to spare a sailboat’s mast from a lightning strike. The following Special Report first appeared in the July 15, 1995 issue of Practical Sailor. Sailors also will be interested in reading about our discussion of conventional lightning protection systems in “Getting a Charge Out of Lightning.”

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