The new 19” marine LCD television from Majestic Global USA, which can be connected directly to any 12-volt source – without filters, inverters or in-line power boxes.
The unit weighs less than 10 pounds and can be easily mounted on a wall or bulkhead.
In addition, the low-draw Majestic TD1920 is built with state-of-the-art power supply technology to manage voltage fluctuations from 9V to 26V.
A unique high brightness feature delivers a clear and crisp picture, even in the brightest ambient light.
Packed with various inputs, such as PC, Component and HMDI and a built in Digital TV tuner with Multizone Analog, the TD1920 will work anywhere you have TV transmission.
The unit’s DVD player uses a horizontal drive mechanism designed to provide stable picture quality and, importantly, will play any disc manufactured anywhere in the world.
For more information about Majestic Global USA’s 19” marine LCD television, visit the Majestic website.
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