A versatile cruiser that follows closely in the wake of its big sister

Beneteau Oceanis 35 SAIL Magazine Review picture

By Charles J. Doane
Beneteau’s groundbreaking Oceanis 38, which featured a dramatic new approach to accommodation space in a cruising monohull, scored a host of awards during its 2013-14 debut season, including a Best Boats nod from SAIL. Now comes a slightly smaller sibling, the new Oceanis 35, with the same sort of flexible modular interior. The question raised is, why would you want one boat as opposed to the other? The new boat, not counting the fixed bowsprit available on some versions, has an overall hull length of 32ft 9in versus a hull length of 36ft 6in in the larger boat. In boats with more traditional interiors this extra length might count for a lot, but in boats like these, with striking open-plan interiors, the differences may be more subtle.
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