Chronoscope App’    @copy ChronGlobal

A new app for Android and iPhone has been released from
ChronGlobal called Tidal Chronoscope® that is slated to give the ability to know
GPS Tide predictions as easily as the time.

Designing this App came
with one goal: Create an incredibly easy and simple way to instantly give you
tide information at your very location, at the touch of a screen, along with
lunar and solar positions. Using the GPS and location service features of your
iPhone/iPad/iPod, or Android device, the Tidal Chronoscope® offers a virtual
wristwatch that instantly gives you the current state of the tides, wherever you
are, for over 9400 worldwide tide locations. Your location is automatically
updated as you travel. The app is compatible with iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android
And it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s going to change the
lives of anyone with an interest in water-oriented activity. Not just yachtsman,
fishermen, boaters, sailors, kayakers or mariners, but divers, surfers and even
shell collectors.
Find out more about ChronGlobal and the Tidal
Chronoscope App here.